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The no brainer Full Face Makeup Brush Set

The no brainer Full Face Makeup Brush Set

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In a world dominated by Instagram filters and beauty apps, the saying "Imperfection is beauty" seems to lose its meaning. Nowadays, makeup serves as a powerful tool to boost confidence and enhance one's presentability. A statement neckpiece and a beautiful dress alone may not suffice if your face lacks a radiant glow and well-defined eyes and lips.

However, the perception of beauty has constantly evolved throughout history. Each new season brings fresh trends while older ones resurface. Amidst these changes, one thing remains constant: the importance of makeup tools. Among these tools, the makeup brush stands out as a perennial favorite.

Introducing the collection of 11 full-face makeup brushes that are not only vegan but also meticulously handcrafted and hypoallergenic. These brushes are thoughtfully designed to cater to every aspect of your makeup routine. From flawless foundation application to precise contouring and blending, to the perfect smokey eyes, each brush is crafted with the utmost care. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that these brushes are vegan-friendly, free from animal-derived materials, and are hypoallergenic, ensuring they are gentle on even the most sensitive skin. Elevate your makeup experience with these high-quality, consciously crafted brushes.

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“Hi Saniksha! I absolutely loved the course and I've started practicing what I learned. I always get so many compliments after implementing all the well-taught easy to follow steps. I am absolutely loving this new found confidence!”

Roshni S.- Verified Buyer





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When it comes to brushes, my students can never find a brush set that doesn’t confuse them. Either there are too many brushes in a set that they get confused with when to use what or there are important brushes missing in the kit. It’s not simple any more, especially when it comes to brushes. 

Cares for your skin more than you.

These bristles are soft and better for your skin as it is non abrasive. 

All the brushes are ethically sourced and vegan friendly. These high performance brushes are ready to take up any makeup challenge. 

I’ve been conducting makeup classes for over a decade. A huge chunk of my time goes towards discussing brushes. My students understand the importance of a good set of brush but nobody wants to spend 100 AED for a single brush.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4.5/5 STAR RATINGS