About Sani

I first fell in love in 1999 with make up! It was when I discovered...

how a little blush and blending could not only boost my face but my confidence. When I was studying in school I always treated my blush like a lucky charm that made me feel beautiful and great about myself.

​It was then I realized if this is what happens with a little bit of blush, imagine what would happen if I invested more time, which I found out seven years later when I tied the knot.​

As most bridezillas do, I spent a chunk of savings on makeup products and tools. I couldn’t stop myself at the myriad of glittery eye shadow palettes, I also wanted some striking pigments and I still have my first palette (my absolute favourite) sitting in my second drawer of the dresser as a reminder!

Thanks to some world class artists, I also had the opportunity to learn techniques from them.

​What I didn’t realize is how quickly I mirrored their genius work. Soon friends and family were in awe of my work and skill but I never had the confidence until I saw MakeupbyTiffanyD’s YouTube channel. She was inspiring and watching the channel made me realize that all you need is a sprinkle of passion and the ability to blend, which was when I decided to become a full-fledged make up artist in 2010.

Today I bring to you no brainer makeup brushes..

which I launched after years of experience and n number of makeup classes I’ve conducted. I thank each and every student of mine, as these brushes were made, keeping their requirement and ability in mind. 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4.5/5 STAR RATINGS