No-Brainer Makeup Brushes – A Guide to Look Your Best

They say, “Imperfection is beauty.” But in this world of Instagram filters and beauty apps, the statement hardly makes sense. Makeup, these days, is a weapon to boost confidence and enhance presentability. A statement neckpiece and a lovely dress won’t be enough if you don’t have a glowing face with defined eyes and lips.

However, the perception of beauty has been changing since eternity. Every new season comes with contemporary trends and older trends keep coming back as well. But what remains constant is the makeup tools. One such favorite tool is the makeup brush.

Makeup Brushes and Their Variety

Essential Makeup Tools

One of the essential makeup tools for every makeup fascinator is makeup brushes. These magic tools are powerful enough to turn our flaws into attractive features. Hence, a set of makeup application brushes is a must-have in your closet.

What's the goal?

Indeed, the goal is to create long-lasting natural makeup. A good quality brush will give you a flawless finish that stays longer. However, you need a set of brushes that serve all your purposes and, hence, the expense is considerably high.

What's No Brainer?

The reason why we bring you No-Brainer makeup brushes- It comes with a set of brushes that serves your requirements, from casual daytime makeup to dramatic night makeup. Here’s what we offer in the kit. It is perfect for beginners

The Powder Brush

It's a fluffy brush with softer fibers that you can use basically for applying powder or a powdered foundation. It uses less product than a puff. The brush is perfect for good coverage and an even application.


You take the brush, dip into the powder, tap the excess, and apply it on the face in a swirling motion. Stick to downwards motion as we all have facial hair. 

The Blush Brush

The blush applying brush looks similar to the powder brush but a little smaller and chubbier in shape. Tap the brush before applying to avoid too much redness.


Dip the brush into the product and apply it to the apple zones or the cheekbones. Apply in a circular motion and move towards the corner. Even out the used product by blending it.

The Contouring Brush

The contouring brush helps to achieve the sharp, sculpted structure of the face. It looks like a blush applicator but has denser fibers and an angular end to help achieve the more delicate strokes.


Take the pallet and dip the brush into the powder. Then apply under or on your cheekbones and jawlines in a smaller swirling motion and go towards the ear.

Flat Shader Eyeshadow Brush

You can make a smoky-eye look or shimmery finish with a flat shader eyeshadow brush. It has a medium-size and compact structure with high-quality vegan fibers to help with the precision of application. It works like a magnet to pick up eyeshadow of all types.


Apply the pigment through the crease area and move the brush gently downwards to the lash lines. To apply colors at the lower lash lines, take the pigment, tap off the excess color and move across the lash lines to give a smudgy finish.

The Pencil Brush

A pencil brush is helpful to smudge the eyeliner on the upper eyelid. It is a brush with densely packed fibers and also helps to apply color on the lower lash lines.


Take the brush and move across the lined portion of the upper eyelid to blend and smudge the product to get a finished smoky look.

Dense Blending Brush for Eyes

It is a bit fluffier version of the white blending brush. This brush is the best option to blend the upper corners and crease areas of the eyes. It works perfectly for both cream and powder eyeshadows.  This brush will act like your holy grail brush when you make a mistake and want to erase the excess eyeshadow by blending it out. 


Take the product from the eyeshadow pallet and apply it gently. Or take the brush and blend the colors with circular motion until you get the perfect finish.

The Angled Brush

An angled brush serves two purposes. You can either fill your eyebrows or apply eyeliner on the eyelids. This brush has an angular flat tip that helps with precision while shaping eyebrows. It also has fibers that are perfect for prominently lining your eyes.


Dip the brush into the product and apply it on the brows with your hand’s precision. Or dip the brush into the gel or liquid liner and draw the lash lines accordingly.